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Tax and Accounting

With our know-how accumulated from our 50-year history of tax and accounting services, our experienced professional staffs provide comprehensive services which meet your needs and issues .

Monthly Service

  • ・Bookkeeping
  • ・Preparing monthly trial balance sheets
  • ・Analyzing and Explaining Trial Balance Sheet
  • ・Creating Financial Schemes
  • ・Creating Business Schemes
  • ・Tax Simulation

Account Settlement Service

  • ・Preparing Financial Statements
  • ・Preparing Tax Returns and Declaration of Documents
  • ・Financial and Management Analysis

Tax Inspection Support

  • ・Observing Tax Inspections
  • ・Negotiations following Tax Inspections


  • ・Preparing legal documents
  • ・Preparing various documents for submission

Countermeasures for Special Accounting

  • ・Consolidated Accounting
  • ・Cash Flow Accounting
  • ・Deferred Tax Accounting
  • ・Fair Value Accounting
  • ・Retirement Benefit Accounting
  • ・Financial Instrument Accounting

Special Organization Accounting

  • ・Accounting for Medical Institutions
  • ・Accounting for Public Interest Organization and NPO
  • ・Accounting for School Organization
  • ・Accounting for Social Welfare Organization

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