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We provide high quality outsourcing services in wide range of administrative work, contributing to the efficient distribution of management resources required to keep up with rapidly changing business environments.

Merits of Outsourcing

Specializing in Core Operations:

Shifting to Strategic Operations, Promoting Efficiency, and Clarifying Responsibilities

Promoting Efficiency of Operations, Cutting Down Costs:

Narrowing Down Administration Staff, Controling Personnel Expenses (Leveling Workload, Reducing Overtime Payment)

Sustaining Specialized Operations:

Responding to Tax System Revisions and Social Insurance System Reform, Analyzing Payroll, Providing Information

Prevent confidential Information from spill out:

Ensuring Objectivity, and Avoiding Risks such as Information Leakage and Employee Resignation

Services Covering

Komiyama & Co group company, IGI k.k. specializing in payroll offer these services below.

1. Payroll and Social Insurance Service

Calculation of Salaries & Bonuses
  • ・Calculation of Salaries & Bonuses, Issuing Payroll Ledger
  • ・Banking Service for Payroll
  • ・Payment of Income Withholding Tax, Resident Tax
  • ・Preparation of Allocational Expense Spreadsheet and Account Journal Data
  • ・Management of Employees' Personal Information
Year-End Tax Adjustments
  • ・Reviewing of Various Tax Return Forms such as Dependent Exemption, Insurance Premium Deduction, Special Spouse Exemption, Residential Loan Deduction, and other Special Deductions
  • ・Issuing Withholding Tax Slips and Preparation of Calculation Table Collaterals
  • ・Preparing and Submitting Payment Reports to Municipal Office
Social Insurance
Labor Insurance
  • ・Determination of Labor Insurance, Preparation of Estimated Premium Declaration Forms and Basic Calculation Reports
  • ・Processing Benefits and Various Changes such as Monthly Fee Notifications, etc.
  • ・Processing of Acquisition and Loss of Insurance Qualification Notifications Related to Joining and Leaving the Company
Other Relevant Services
  • ・Creation and Revision of Working Regulations
  • ・Creating and Submitting Applications for Various Subsidy

2. Financial and Accounting Services

・Sequence of Services from Journal vouchers to Preparation of Trial Balance Sheet

  • ・Organizing Vouchers Before Due Date
  • ・Banking

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