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Financial Planning

We make proposals for asset management, education, arrangement for home acquisition fund, and retirement plans that meets your future life plans.

Asset Management

With diversity of financial products, we have many choices of asset management, but this has created more difficulty in choosing and deciding on one's own responsibility.
Komiyama & Co CPAs. stand on your side to give you detailed information on the characteristics and possible risks of various financial products, And we provide the best way of funding that meets your life plan.
Because real estate properties, which deal with much money and which laws and regulations are complicated, we support selling and buying and give advice for effective utilization, based on our know-how developed over our many years of experience..


Educational funding should be begun as early as possible, since your sons/daughters' childhood.
We simulate the required amount of money, for children's educational fees or wedding expenses, and make suggestions for best way to prepare children's insurance products and educational loans, etc.

Home Acquisition

We provide many advices on preparing down payment, taking out housing loan, or reviewing housing loan, to assist you with an affordable repayment program. Please consult us on various taxes that relate to home acquisition.

Annual Pension

With the low birthrate, aging population, and financial deterioration, it is clear that public security decrease in the future.
We can explain about social security programs such as public pension and medical insurance, and consult on retirement plans, which prepare for any insufficiency of funds that results from the decrease in public pensions.


We propose suitable insurance products for you after estimating the fair insurance amount by reviewing your income, family structure, holding properties, housing conditions, and thinking regarding insurance.

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