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Inheritance & Business Succession

For property owners and business administrators, we offer wide range of support including advice based on inheritance tax simulations, countermeasures for tax and treasury stocks, such as tax payment financing, gift before death, and/or effective utilization of properties. Furthermore, we support tax return filing after the inheritance.

Countermeasures for Inheritance and Business Succession

Countermeasures for Inheritance
  1. 1. Assessment of Property and Trial Calculation of Inheritance Tax
  2. 2. Securing of Tax Payment Funds
  3. 3. Extracting Problems
    • ・Is it Inheritance without Conflict?
    • ・Isn't there any Problem of Secondary ?
    • ・Are the Assets fully utilized?
  4. 4. Proposing Solutions
  5. 5. Supporting Drawing a Will
Countermeasures for Business Succession
  1. 1. Measure for Establishing a Successor
    • ・Advicing on Finding Strategists for the Successor
    • ・Advicing for System Building, from Owner Corporation to Organizational Management
  2. 2. Countermeasures for Treasury Stock
    • ・Assessment of Treasury Stock
    • ・Transfer of Treasury Stock
Inheritance Tax Return
  • ・Preparing Inheritance Tax Returns
  • ・Advicing for Registration of Inherited Estate
Gift Tax Return
  • ・Gift Before Death
  • ・Gift Upon Death
  • ・Onerous Gift
  • ・Inheritance Account Settlement Tax System

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