Company features

We constantly strive to improve our quality as specialists in order to keep our clients satisfied that they in trusted their business with us. We work hard to respond to our clients’ requests accurately and with sincerity.

Provide advices on standing to client side

Provide advices on standing to client side
  • We work hard to provide luculent courteous, and accurate advice
  • We take care to provide management advice as a partner of the management in addition to accounting duties
  • We research based on our clients’ situation and industry to provide accounting, taxation, and management advice that best suits the client’s situation and environment

Response to your wide variety needs

Response to your wide variety needs
  • Our representatives are to provide high quality advice through specialization
  • We work to improve our specialist expertise every day by holding weekly, early-morning, employee-driven training sessions
  • We diligently keep up on the latest information to provide clients with the latest information regarding matters that undergo frequent legal revision such as taxation, accounting, auditing, and social insurance

Response to your wide variety needs

Response to your wide variety needs
  • Fields: We offer services in a wide range of fields from incorporation to daily accounting and taxation to consultation on management and reorganization such as M&A
  • Contents: We handle time-consuming back firm work—not only bookkeeping but trial balance sheet analysis, financing advice, salary computation, banking, and more
  • Corporate forms: We employ specialists on not only general corporations (public companies) but also corporate forms such as public-service corporations, NPOs, and incorporated educational institutions
  • Individuals: Our company works to provide support in all fields requiring specialist expertise such as individual tax returns as well as financial planning, inheritance, estate and business succession for life planning
  • Areas: Our company’s field of expertise over 60 countries besides Japan where our CPAAI member firms are active

Wide-ranging networks

Wide-ranging networks
  • We support all our clients utilizing the extensive network and information gathering ability we have formed over our long history.


    • Personal network with tax authorities
    • Networking with international firms through our CPAAI member firms that are active in over 60 countries
    • Domestic accounting firm networks created through Mr. Komiyama’s experience as the director of the ‘Japan Institute of Certified Public Accountants and Federation of Japan Certified Public Tax Accountants’ Associations’
    • Network with law firms, scrivener firms, and other specialist industries

Existance of Specialists

Professional staffs
  • We are proud of our professional staffs – some have worked at KOMIYAMA & Co. for 20-30 years, some have active careers in other field, and some of our young staff members who work and study hard
  • Our diversity in staff of different ages and background support and respect one another and works hard to keep all our clients satisfied that they in trusted with their business