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Company Profile and Access
Company Profile and Access
Group Companies KOMIYAMA & Co. CPA
Azabu Partners Tax & Accounting Co.
Komiyama Social and Labor Insurance Firm
History 1959 Established Certified Public Tax Accountant Office in Tokyo
1983 Established Payroll Service Firm (IGI K.K.)
1984 Merged with Certified Public Accountant Firm (KOMIYAMA & Co.)
2001 Joined MGI Worldwide as representative member firm in Japan
2007 Established Certified Public Tax Accountant Co. (Azabu Partners Tax Co.)
2009 50th Anniversary
2011 Established Certified Social Insurance Labor Consultant Co. (Azabu Partners Social Insurance & Labor Co.)
2018 Kuudan shitabranch establishment
2021 CPAAI merged and become MGI Worldwide
Business Outline Tax and Accounting Service
Audits and Assurance
Services for International Clients
Payroll and Social Insurance Service
Outsourcing Service
Management Consulting
Financial Planning
Certified Personnel Certified Public Accountant
Certified Public Tax Accountant
Certified Public Accountant (USA)
Enrolled Agent
Certified Social Insurance and Labor Consultant

Management Consultant for Small and Medium Enterprises
Authorized Sales Staff for Real Estate Deals
Financial Analyst
Group Employees 82 specialists and staffs
Managing Partner:
Mitsuru Komiyama (Certified Public Accountant (Japan), CPA (USA),  Tax Accountant)
Keiko Komiyama (Certified Public Accountant (Japan), CPA (USA),  Tax Accountant)