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At KOMIYAMA & Co. Group, we undertake accounting and tax return services for Japanese subsidiaries. We also work with the subsidiary’s head of accounting to convert statements that conform to the accounting standards required by the parent company, provide accounting advice, and prepare reporting packages for the parent company.

For details on our services for accounting and tax returns please refer to the Outscoring services page.

In Japan, it is necessary to prepare tax returns based on financial statements that conform to Japanese accounting standards. After the financial statements are prepared, we recommend that they should be converted to international or U.S. accounting standards when reporting to the parent company. We will submit the converted statements to parent company headquarters after preparing the tax return based on the Japanese accounting standards.

The reports that we provide are not routine formalities. We strive to establish greater trust between the president of the subsidiary company and parent company by giving detail on the Japanese market and Japanese business practices as well as providing updates on financing conditions.

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If you have subsidiaries in Japan, KOMIYAMA & Co. Group will take care of all of your accounting, tax return services, consulting, and accounting standard conversions. As the representative of MGI Worldwide for Japan , we will work with firm members to support you.

(For further information on the MGI Worldwide network, please refer to the MGI Worldwide page)

Many of the services that KOMIYAMA & Co. Group provides to subsidiaries in Japan are possible because of the distinct reason of having supported subsidiaries in Japan for many years.