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1. What is MGI Worldwide?

MGI Worldwide (which is the new international network name merged with MGI Worldwide in FY2020) is a Top 20 international accounting network of independent audit, tax and accounting firms, which brings together the expertise of more than 5,000 professionals in over 260 locations around the world.
The Komiyama Certified Public Accountant Firms Group joined the MGI Worldwide in 2001. As the MGI Worldwide’s Asia Pacific region’s president and the general representative of the KOMIYAMA & Co. group, Mitsuru Komiyama participates in the operational planning of the MGI Worldwide and has strong connections with accounting firms all around the world.
Our membership enables us to keep abreast of important new developments, while providing a seamless international service to any of our clients looking for support abroad. Through MGI Worldwide, our firm benefits from connections with people we get to know and trust in all corners of the globe.
We can help you and your operations with a quick phone call to one of our colleagues or a complete service offering – whatever you need to make your international business a success.
For more information on MGI Worldwide visit www.mgiworld.com

2. Qualifications and reliability of MGI Worldwide members

Becoming a MGI Worldwide member requires extensive paperwork, screening, and a visit to the firm by an official whom investigates several specific items. The on-site investigation includes examining the depth of experience in the specialized fields (auditing, accounting, and taxation), the quality of the firms themselves (how statement records and documents are stored, procedural forms, review and check systems, training programs, etc.), the level of expertise of the staff, and whether there were any incidents in the past and the degree of enrollment in insurance to name a few. After the results are reviewed at the board officers meeting, a final interview is held before approval.                        

Accounting firms which are affiliated with the MGI Worldwide are midsize firms whom demonstrate leadership in each country/region. Thus, the information we obtain and accounting firms we associate with have high “reliability” that you can feel secure when using them.

Alsoregarding audit, MGI Worldwide is qualified with the Forum of Firms, an association of over 30 international accounting networks whose objective is to promote consistent and high-quality standards of financial reporting and auditing practices worldwide.We are proud to be part of an international network of firms which is a member of the Forum of Firms.
The objective of the Forum of Firms is to promote consistent and high-quality standards
of financial reporting and auditing practices worldwide.
Members networks of the Forum have confirmed that they have policies and methodologies with respect to transnational audits that are based, to the extent practicable, on International Standards on Auditing and conform to the International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants’ Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants and national codes of ethics and that they maintain appropriate quality control standards in accordance with International Standards on Quality Control in addition to relevant national standards. Members networks have also confirmed that they conduct, to the extent not prohibited by national regulation, regular globally coordinated internal quality assurance reviews.
For additional details please visit www.mgiworld.com and www.forumoffirms.org

3. Strength of our relationship with MGI Worldwide

MGI Worldwide members participate in the international conference held in each region often where they exchange specialty information from each country and share new knowledge. Additionally, there is a world conference held once every year which includes presentations from each region and brainstorming sessions to increase expertise and strengthen relationships.

4. Strengths of the MGI Worldwide network

Considerations are made for the history and customs in the accounting, auditing, and taxation of each country, and there seem to be many cases where companies advancing from Japan can’t understand and get used to such things. MGI Worldwide member firms provide consultation services which can handle everything from the founding of the company to the everyday issues relating to the company.

5. MGI Worldwide Member Firm

Please refer to the followingwebsite for our MGI Worldwide member’s firm specific profile.
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