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Company Establishment

As the representative for Japan for MGI Worldwide (a network of accounting firms that spans 101 countries and 237 member firms), we have supported the founding of numerous Japanese subsidiaries overseas, provided post-founding support, and assisted Japanese companies in their overseas expansion. (For further information on the MGI Worldwide network, please refer to the MGI Worldwide page

Depend on us to support your business from the establishment of branch offices to undertake of back office work, such as post-establishment accounting and payroll services. In line with your needs, we will accelerate understanding of Japanese business practices to the parent company and extend support to the president of the Japanese business. We work daily to improve ourselves to serve our clients better and to maximize the experience and knowledge that we have cultivated throughout the years of serving our global clients.

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Features of our company establishment support

KOMIYAMA & Co. Group provides full support when establishing your company including legal, labor, accounting, and tax services. (Legal support is done by our legal business partner firm)

Corporations take many forms, and for each we create proposals on corporate structure and branch office establishment that fit the business expansion of our clients. We also provide English explanation and prepare the necessary contracts as well.

When establishing your company, it will not be necessary for you to visit the government office to submit labor reports, tax returns, and other documents. Our judicial scrivener and labor consultant partners will carry out these procedures on your behalf.

For those who may be concerned about establishing costs rest assured,

Our proposal will be drafted in line with customer requests, in which we will provide an estimate and explanation of all costs including fees required up to the point of establishment.

Upon request, we also provide a cost breakdown and plan explanation for the parent company overseas.

Post founding, if there is a need for accounting, tax, human resources, or management consultation services from KOMIYAMA & Co. Group, we will gladly support your company’s growth through our years of experience and expertise.

For foreign firms who do not have experience doing business in Japan, there are many areas they may feel uncomfortable. KOMIYAMA & Co. Group professionals have assisted and are accustomed to providing explanations of such situations and will provide communication support as needed.

* Depending on contract terms the above services may not apply. For details please allow us to explain the contract terms on a per client bases.