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Audit and other assurance services

There has been an increase in the number of cases where an audit of the Japanese subsidiary is requested even though the overseas parent company is not publicly listed.

Over the years we have worked closely with the CPAs of the parent company, receiving requests from them or their auditors to perform auditing services for the Japanese subsidiary company. We perform audits that fully consider and include questions to the subsidiary president; the industry position of the subsidiary; history of the subsidiary; and unique Japanese cultural practices, before compiling an English report.

KOMIYAMA & Co. Group can also request auditing and business condition investigations, as well as obtain accounting information from an overseas MGI Worldwide member firm as needed. Moreover, we can prepare consolidated financial statements based on audited financial information.

Features of KOMIYAMA & Co. Group

1. Compatibility with International Standards

We employ experts who are highly knowledgeable of IFRS, US GAAP, and accounting standards of other countries to address the need for financial statement auditing in the accounting standard of your home country. At KOMIYAMA & Co. Group, we have particularly strong ties with American, German, and Australian companies, and possess knowledge of their accounting standards, business and culture.

2. MGI Worldwide Network

MGI Worldwide is a global network that spans over 60 countries and 150 accounting firms, of which KOMIYAMA & Co. Group is the Japan representative. This enables us to carry out comprehensive consolidated auditing for companies expanding globally by working together with the MGI Worldwide network of member firms.

3. Auditing by experts

Auditing services are led by experts who have experience at the “Big Four” accounting firms, have extensive experience in auditing, are proficient in the English language, and are U.S. or Japan CPA certified.

4. Implementation of effective and efficient auditing

We emphasize efficient audit planning that is in line with your company’s distinct context. This is achieved by providing reasonable auditing from the perspective of cost and work by eliminating unnecessary auditing formalities. (We provide honest and forthright explanation regarding services that are necessary for the quality control of the audit.)

Our Assurance services and related services

1. Audit

KOMIYAMA & Co. auditors have rich experience in international audits, having frequently collaborated with auditors of overseas companies. We will work with your company’s auditors to perform audits based on International Standards on Auditing (ISA). Our understanding of accounting and tax extend beyond Japanese standards to include IFRS and US GAAP. Book keeping can be audited based on Japanese accounting standards and the company reporting package can be audited based on international accounting standards.

2. Review

We perform reviews based on International Standard on Review Engagements (ISRE2400/2410)
Given your company’s size and circumstance, if an audit is not necessary but a certain level of security is desirable we can review the financial statements and compile a review report.

3. Agreed Upon Procedures

Once a partial investigation of the financial statements for a specified purpose is consulted on and agreed to by the client, we will publish the results as an Agreed Upon Procedures Report.

– Account receivable Aging check

– Assess the reasonableness of inventories by inventory taking and test count

– Other financial and on financial audit

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have newly established a company in Japan or abroad, or are considering to change your auditor at present or in the near future.