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Outsource the Back-office Work (Accounting, payroll processing, various notification submissions, bank account management, etc.)

Have you decided who to put in charge of your business’ accounting, human resources, and general affairs functions?

Many newly established foreign subsidiaries in Japan are made up of a small number of people that may include the CEO and personnel in charge of sales operations. As is often the case, many subsidiaries outsource their accounting, general affairs, and other back-office work to international accounting firms such as ourselves, KOMIYAMA & Co. Group.

Merits of Outsourcing Back-office Work

Leave back-office work such as overseas subsidiary accounting to us, a MGI Worldwide member accounting firm. To become a MGI Worldwide member firm, all candidates must pass a rigorous inspection as well as attend the annual conference once a year in a determined location. Through such meetings MGI Worldwide members maintain close communication and frequent information sharing to support one other. KOMIYAMA & Co. Group is the MGI Worldwide representative for Japan, with partnerships with 237 accounting firms across 101 contries. This enables us to provide diverse forms of client support according to the size of the overseas subsidiary and client budget.

(For further information of the MGI Worldwide network, please refer to this “MGI Worldwide” page)

About our outsourcing services

● Book keeping services

Transactions will be recorded daily and a monthly trial balance sheet is prepared.

We can keep records in both Japanese and/or English. It is also possible to prepare the trial balance to fit the format of the parent company and prepare financial statements that conform to international accounting standards such as IFRS and U.S. GAAP.

● Payroll and social insurance calculation

We can conduct payroll processing and prepare payroll statements to coincide with the monthly salary payment periods. We put emphasis on strong security measures for the peace of mind for our clients. We also handle overtime pay calculations, social insurance premiums, bonuses, retirement allowance to name a few. In the event that a foreigner is assigned to work in Japan, an income report may be prepared in English.

● Notification services

After the establishment of the company a variety of submissions will become necessary. These include tax return for corporate taxes, business tax, income tax, and also various social security matters that are associated with employees joining and leaving the company. At KOMIYAMA & Co. Group we prepare the necessary documents for you and submit them to their respective government office on your behalf.

● Banking services

We follow the apt directions of the CEO to execute bank deposits and bank check management. When making deposits, mistakes are eliminated by having groups of two cross-checking the deposited amount. By not having employees handle funds, misappropriation is avoided. We also prepare financing charts and support fundraising in compliance to your wishes, making it possible to prevent business insolvency due to liquidity problems.

All of the above services are provided in customized packages in compliance to your wishes. There are many services that we provide in addition to the ones above in response to the needs of each of our clients.

With our highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals, we provide a variety of services regarding operating business in Japan. If you have any interest in our services please to contact us!