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Payroll & Social insurance

Have you ever had any of the following concerns?

  • Finding difficulties in hiring someone to take charge of payroll responsibilities due to the limited size of the current business.
  • It is hard to keep up with the frequent changes in tax law and social security related law.
  • Willing to keep the payroll and personal information confidential to other employees.

Payroll calculations are conducted monthly at a determined time. Delays and miscalculation are not tolerated.

In Japan, payroll staff are required to proceed a variety of duties throughout the year such as Year-end Adjustment (in December), Legal Records (in January), Declaration of Labor Insurance (in July), and Notification of base amount for calculation of social insurance (in July). Since the Japanese personal income tax laws, corporate tax laws, and social insurance related laws change frequently, businesses need to hire experts who are up-to-date on the recent law changes.

Some international companies are required to perform very complex payroll calculations, such as using the Gross up method, calculating Hypothetical Taxes, and performing Expats payroll calculations.

Payroll calculations require personal information, such as birth date, address, family information, social security number, and “my number”. Security measures for personal information become necessary.

To address such concerns, KOMIYAMA & Co. Group provides various services related to payroll calculations and social security as well.

Features of KOMIYAMA & Co. Group services

1. Security that you can rely on

KOMIYAMA & Co. Group clients range from companies with few employees to over 400. We provide services that correspond to the structure of each of our client’s businesses. Our clients rest assured that we implement strict security measures when managing personal information.

2. Partnership with accounting firms and tax accountants

Accounting firms, tax accounting firms, social security, and labor firms that are affiliated partners with KOMIYAMA & Co Group provide services in regards to aspects of accounting, tax, and social security. Moreover, our in-house social security legal expert will respond quickly to legal changes.

3. Direct explanation to parent company regarding complex payroll calculations of global companies.

The experienced International Division experts at KOMIYAMA & Co. Group will follow and prepare documentation required by regulation, calculate daily payroll, and make the necessary submissions to authorities associated with the joining and leaving of employees. To streamline communication, we are capable of direct communication English with the parent company.

4. Account documentation will be submitted in EXCEL unless otherwise noted.

Submission in EXCEL permits for smooth internal document preparation.

If requested, we can submit in accordance to the client’s documentation format.

With our highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals, we provide a variety of services regarding operating business in Japan. If you have any interest in our services please to contact us!