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Inheritance & Gift Tax

If you need the Japanese and international inheritance consulting and tax return supports, contact KOMIYAMA & Co. Group!!

KOMIYAMA & Co. Group is the MGI Worldwide representative in Japan, a global network that connects 237 accounting offices from 101 countries. We have gone through countless of inheritance related cases with our MGI Worldwide member firms (For further information on the MGI Worldwide network, please refer to the MGI Worldwide page).

If you have any concerns about overseas assets, future international inheritance, or have any questions about international inheritance issues, please contact us.

Do you require international inheritance support?

A globalized economy has made it easier for people, goods, and assets to traverse national borders. If any of the below apply, then inheritance procedures in both Japan and the relevant overseas country are necessary.

  • Your spouse is not a Japanese national
  • Your parents hold assets in Japan or abroad
  • Your parents moved overseas after retirement
  • Your child lives abroad
  • You have family members who live in a different country

Have you taken the necessary measures?

Until recently, inheritance problems were confined within the borders of Japan, as most issues involved domestically owned assets by a Japanese national which were subsequently inherited by a Japanese family member.

However, due to international marriages, emigration of parents, overseas job appointment of child, and an increase in overseas investment, domestic solutions to inheritance have become impossible. Inheritance cases with multi-national dimensions are on the rise.

To deal with the international taxation, we need to consider the tax treaties and tax systems imposed to properties, such as the inheritance tax, gift tax, and wealth tax of both countries.

The taxation system of each country differs as it reflects the country’s inheritance laws, family laws, and financial position.

There is considerable reassurance to have the support of experts who are knowledgeable about the local tax system in relation to overseas taxation. We are here to provide this peace of mind.

KOMIYAMA & Co. Group is the MGI Worldwide representative for Japan, consisting of 237 accounting offices from 101 countries. We frequently communicate with each other, working closely together on international inheritance cases. KOMIYAMA & Co. Group has registered U.S. CPAs and tax accountants with extensive experience in Japan and international inheritance, making us a one-stop service for both domestic and overseas customers.

We are eager to explore news ways we may be of service to your business.