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Individual Tax Return (Personal income tax return and consumption tax return)

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KOMIYAMA & Co. Group professionals with extensive experience and expertise will support your tax return preparation needs.

We prepare overseas as well as Japanese tax returns. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

In addition to the many Japan and U.S. CPAs and tax accountants, our Group provides accounting and tax related services through a network of overseas accounting firms known as MGI Worldwide. (For further information on the MGI Worldwide network, please refer to the MGI Worldwide page)

Features of KOMIYAMA & Co. Group Tax Return Services

1. Abundant experience and expertise

We are pioneers in the international tax with a history of over 55 years. We have supported clients who own assets overseas and clients who are foreign nationals living in Japan with their tax returns.

We serve our client’ needs with our vast experience and expertise cultivated from accomplishments gained from countless cases.

2. Dual Tax Return Preparation Service for Japan and Abroad

With alliance firms, we provide a service that combines the preparation of the Japanese tax return (submission deadline: March 15) and the overseas tax return (submission deadline: e.g. US tax return case, it is April 15) for clients who has overseas income, green-card holders or Japanese residents of foreign nationality. In addition to tax return preparation, we can communicate with both the Japanese and overseas tax authorities as well (e.g. IRS for U.S.).

When you use our services, it will no longer be necessary to find a tax accountant who will prepare a tax return abroad, nor someone to prepare an English translation for your Japanese tax return. You will not face the issue of sharing your personal information multiple times during preparation procedures or feel frustration when seeking explanations in English.

3. High Foreign Language Communication Ability

All professionals in KOMIYAMA & Co. Group’s International Division provide services to clients in English and other foreign languages. This language ability aids in the preparation of the Japanese tax return for our foreign clients. Professionals who are fluent in the technical terminology of the target language will prepare your tax return according to your needs.

Concurrent to preparing a yearly tax return we also provide bookkeeping services: prepare the monthly trial balance sheet, draft the business plan, and provide referral services, such as introductions to insurance services.

With our highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals, we provide a variety of services regarding operating business in Japan. If you have any interest in our services please to contact us!